How to recover a project in difficulty?

When a project scope has not been properly defined with clear communication channel from the start, problems and issues will arise. There are no shortcut to properly manage a project from start to completion. A project timeline can be reduced considerably, however it is based on a company experience, expert resources assigned and know-how for a specific project type.

Below are the key steps in re-aligning a project that is in difficulty. The initial effort for the PM assigned at the beginning will be significant and he or she should commit all the time require above and beyond within a week, to regain the lost momentum of the project.

  1. The PM must assess the true current state by validating what has been completed.
    a. Review all the project documentations i.e.; business plan, project charter, project plan, minutes, decision log, etc…
  2. Identify the next steps / tasks to be conducted to re-align the project
  3. Meeting with the project stakeholders to review the issues and next steps on how to mitigate them
    a. After the meeting submit the Action Items & Minutes that will be followed thoroughly by the PM – it is an extremely important to submit the Action Items & Minutes with proper follow through – extremely important step as it will create the new momentum for the project
  4. Set up regular meetings on a daily basis until the project is under control again
    a. Clear Action Items & Minutes to submitted diligently after each meeting and thorough the project 
    b. The Action Items & Minutes are a powerful communication tool

A successful project, require alignment and if not done at the beginning of a project phase it will occur later. When performed later it will impact negatively; project cost, timelines, company reputation and other financial losses associated with a product of services that is not launched in the market as planned.