What are the values of the Action Items & Minutes?

The Action Items & Minutes commonly named Meeting Minutes if well crafted is indispensable as it allows the project momentum to continue.  After each meeting, the Action Items & Minutes should be submitted by replying to all the meeting invitees. In that fashion, even the attendees that could not attend have a clear outline of the meeting discussion from the minutes and next steps with the action items

Furthermore, the Action Items & Minutes can be forwarded to any project stakeholder when required.  It will clearly demonstrate that you lead the project with the utmost diligence and dedication.

The Action Items & Minutes is a crucial tool to guide a project through all the tasks and or to recover a project that was stalled and or is in jeopardy.  It will generate momentum and will have a positive impact to the overall project, as the information communicated and captured will be added to the project documents; project plan, risk and issue log, charters, business case, communication memo, project report, logs and others project documentations.

Key benefits:

  • Create momentum to the project
  • Provide structure to the project
  • Discuss, compile ideas, validate, confirm project items
  • Develop actionable items
  • Communication tool
  • Update project documents based on the meetings and actionable items; action items, decisions, risks and issues, project plan and others…
  • Clarify existing and new risks and issues, develop mitigation plan
  • Re-align a project that was in limbo
  • Create a project library for all meetings

Action Items & Minutes Example (to reply to all invitee from the meeting invite):

Thank you for your time today, please see below the Action Items & Minutes;


-Reviewed the servers list and applications
-List to be updated with the following; CPU / RAM, Application and Window Server Version
-94 servers in total for 7 applications (exact number to be confirmed)

-Determine with Vendors the recommended approach for the servers upgrade
-Can the server be upgraded with a staggered approach by replacing the Applications servers then the Citrix servers and then SQL Database servers or it is required to build a complete new environment first for each application then cut over?
-Parallel environment to be build for testing – new environment for each application could be used as a test environment prior cut over – to confirm best options

-There are 7 applications in total; application 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7
-Confirm application version with vendor and if the application needs to be upgraded prior or after the migration to the new servers

Go-live for the upgrade:
-Go live date to be confirmed for August 17, 2020
-Confirm the date with project stakeholders once the server analysis and migration plan has been completed
-Draft migration plan to be completed in 1 week after the result of the servers / vendors analysis


Name, credentials