How to write a project report

A report is simply a clear holistic snapshot of the project current state when the report is submitted. There are various options to provide the project report, a) word template, b) email format, c) power point slide and d) project management tool.

If the PMO does not use a project management tool for reporting purpose or a word template, then I would suggest to use a power point slide.

For a project report to be efficient, it must provide the reader an immediate understanding of the current state and next steps. Submitted report will be reviewed by the PMO, project stakeholders and C-level in an organization. Report must be professional, clear, concise to the point and transparent without omitting crucial details.

Report must contain the following;

  • Is the project on track from a timeline and budget perspective?
    • If no what are the immediate action items to re-align the project
    • Are there meeting (s) scheduled to review and develop a strategy
  • Are there risks and issues that requires attentions
    • What are the next steps to mitigate these risks and issues
  • What is the project next step for the coming week

Report Example:

*Template located in the “Project Tools” Folder*